Pregnancy Essentials

Growing another human in your belly is no easy task. I’ve built a list of helpful products in an attempt to make the process easier for expecting mothers.

Disclaimer: The links provided below are affiliate links, meaning I will get a portion of the profits if you choose to use them.

Pregnancy Pillow: Trying to sleep before the baby comes can be the ultimate struggle. Between the growing belly and the sore back, you need something with better support. This pillow is detachable so you can find the optimal arrangement for you. Also, it is one of the lowest-priced ones I could find, while still having high reviews and is an Amazon Choice pick!



Prenatals: I struggled with finding the right prenatal when first looking for my best fit. In the first trimester, morning sickness can run rampant and I could NOT hold down prenatals with iron in them. I also found out the hard way that I needed a full stomach before taking them. I found that gummies were my best route. These have folate and DHA which are essential for a healthy pregnancy and baby.


Lotion: Aside from stretch marks, your growing belly can get VERY itchy, so keeping it moisturized is a big help. Cocoa butter has been known as a staple during pregnancy and helps with both issues. Another option is Bio-Oil which helps to improve the stretch marks appearance. It also helps with scars and uneven skin tone. It’s something I use daily on my face as a moisturizer with added benefits. Find the cocoa butter here and the Bio-Oil here.

cocoa butter


bio oil








Seaband: Seabands are drug-free, anti-nausea wristbands. They work by acupressure, meaning they apply pressure to a certain point on your wrist which relieves nausea and vomiting which is perfect for morning sickness. Find them here.


Constipation Relief: One of the less lovely side effects of pregnancy is constipation. Trying to ease this symptom can be dangerous though as you don’t want to take harsh laxatives or overdo stool softeners. I was recommended Miralax as it’s gentle, but effective. I was also told it’s the top doctor-recommended way to relieve constipation for pregnant women. Make sure you’re following the instructions and don’t take too many doses. You can find Miralax here.


Antacids: Heartburn is a common side effect in the third trimester. A good option is these Tums because it relieves heartburn while also adding some calcium into the body, which is even more important while pregnant.



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